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If you have a vehicle that is more than three years old, it will need an annual MOT test. When your vehicle is tested the MOT test examiner looks at some important items to see if it meets the current legal requirements. You should be aware that the MOT certificate is not a guarantee of the general mechanical condition of a vehicle.

  • You can view the MOT test being done on your car if you wish
  • You can legally drive to an MOT test station after your MOT has expired as long as it is booked in.
  • You can book an MOT test up to one calendar month before expiry of the current MOT certificate

When can I book my MOT?

If your vehicle is tested within the calendar month prior to when the MOT is due, the test certificate will run from the date of the test to one year after the expiry date of the current certificate. For example, if the current certificate was due to expire on 1 April 2008 and the vehicle was tested on or after 2 March 2008, the certificate would run from the test date until 1 April 2009.

The same rule applies when the vehicle is taken in within a calendar month of its first MOT. In this case, you would need to present your registration document.

If the vehicle is tested earlier than one month before its due date, the MOT will only run for twelve months.

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